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Yellow September: 5 films to reflect on mental health

Так как форум новый, мы начнём с одного общего раздела, из которого позже вырастут другие в зависимости от тем, которые будут здесь обсуждаться.
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Yellow September: 5 films to reflect on mental health

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The Covid-19 pandemic has drawn even more attention to mental health care and exhaustion. Isolation, excessive work and remote study, as well as the fear of contracting the disease have caused many people to face high levels of anxiety, stress and depression. And the best way to deal with these illnesses is to seek help. The promotion of mental health and suicide prevention are the themes of the Yellow September campaign, which has been taking place in Brazil since 2003.

During this month, several face-to-face and online events take place, in which participants can share their feelings and ask questions about this whatsapp number list very important subject. A good way to do this is through discussing films at school. Issues relating to mental health are topics frequently addressed in cinema, from different perspectives and styles, allowing viewers multiple interpretations. Below, we bring you five feature films that can generate powerful discussions in the classroom, among classes in the last years of Elementary and High School.


Image: Disclosure 1 – A Brilliant Mind Country: United States Year: 2001 Director: Ron Howard Duration: 2h14min A film that shows that the boundaries between mental disorders and genius are quite tenuous, “A Beautiful Mind” tells the story of mathematician John Nash, played on screen by Russell Crowe. The film is based on the real life of Nash, who at the age of 21 formulated the Nash Immersion Theorem, a work in the field of Game Theory (applied mathematics) that made him known in the academic-scientific world. However, over time, Nash, known for his eccentric temperament, began to suffer from hallucinations, sudden fears, and reported being chased by extraterrestrials or foreign spies. After experiencing years of emotional instability in the company of his wife, Alicia (Jennifer Connelly) and, consequently, professional, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, depression and low self-esteem in the late 1950s, and was treated with electroshock and medication.

Nash spent almost 20 years alternating between psychiatric institutions, until he managed, little by little, to regain his normal life and be recognized for his achievements as a mathematician. He received a Nobel Prize in his field in 1994, which celebrated his achievements and research. Image: Disclosure 2 – Black Swan Country: United States Year: 2010 Director: Aaron Aronofsky Duration: 1h43min Open to various interpretations and ideal for discussing mental exhaustion and paranoia, “Black Swan” presents Nina (Natalie Portman), a dancer from a prestigious dance company, who with the departure of the group's main star, Beth (Winona Ryder) , assumes this position and the opportunity to be the star of the classic “Swan Lake”. When this happens, your emotional fragility takes on new proportions. She has an abusive relationship with former dancer Erica, her mother (Bárbara Hershey), who, in addition to treating her in a childish way, sees her daughter as the solution to her frustrations at having been forced to abandon her career to raise her. Her relationship with the company director (Vincent Cassel), marked by moral and sexual abuse, also pushes her into a critical mental state.

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