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Unidas Podemos calls on the PSOE to investigate the “media sewers”

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Unidas Podemos calls on the PSOE to investigate the “media sewers”

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Unidas Podemos Will Present an Investigative Commission in the Congress of Deputies to Investigate the “Media Sewers” ​​After Hearing About the Audios of Antonio García Ferreras, Presenter of Al Rojo Vivo (La Sexta) and Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo. This Was Announced This Tuesday by Pablo Echenique Upon His Arrival at the El Escorial Summer Courses. the Up Spokesperson in the Lower House Has Assured That the Extreme Right Is Not Only a Party but “A Current of Opinion and Action That Permeates All Layers of Society.” in This Sense, Echenique Has Recalled “The So-Called Patriotic Police ” of the Pp and “Its Collaboration with What We Call the Extreme Media Right.” Hence, the Proposal That the Parliamentary Group of Unidas Podemos Will Bring to Open an Investigative Commission in Congress. Spain Is a Country Without Memory, Where.

Anything Can Happen the Deputy of the Purple Party Has Referred to Two Investigative Commissions That Have Already Confirmed in the Ministry of the Interior “The Existence of a Parapolice Paid with Reserved Funds That Carried Out Illegal Practices” and That “Could Not Have Done Their Job Without the Active Phone Number List Collaboration of Several Media Outlets in Spain.” This Goes Beyond Podemos, This Is a Direct Attack on Democracy at This Point, Echenique Has Regretted That He Has Never Been Allowed to Investigate “The Media Leg of the Sewers.” the Latest Audios Published "Reveal That This Media Plot Exists and That It Has Played a Fundamental Role in Destroying the Reputation of Leaders of Our Political Force but Also of Other Political Forces," He Said in Reference to the Mentions About Pedro Sánchez Who They Have Also Revealed Said Audios.


This Goes Beyond Podemos, This Is a Direct Attack on Democracy,” He Stated, Hence the Proposal for an Investigative Commission So That “The Headquarters of Popular Sovereignty Can Investigate This Media Plot.” Unidas Podemos Has Already Transferred the Proposal to the Psoe and Is Awaiting Their Response. Echenique Has Also Confirmed That They Have the Support of Erc, Bildu, the Cup and Compromís. Media and Great Economic Powers Budgetary Increase in Defense and Interoperability, Two Parameters That Complement Each Other for the Benefit of the Primus Inter Pares of the Alliance, the United States, Whose Defense Budget Far Exceeds That of Any of Its Allies, Which Together with Its Significant Superiority in the Area of Defense Industry Makes It Necessary to Acquire Its Increasingly Sophisticated Advances to Be “Interoperable” with the United States.

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