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Uneven parity: The higher the hierarchy, the lower female representation

Так как форум новый, мы начнём с одного общего раздела, из которого позже вырастут другие в зависимости от тем, которые будут здесь обсуждаться.
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Uneven parity: The higher the hierarchy, the lower female representation

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As indicated by the United Nations (UN) , in almost all regions of the world, the wage gap and labor disparity affect women, who see a minimal possibility of promotion to higher positions in their workplaces, lower salary enjoyment, and even little validity in the tasks they perform. This, coupled with the serious situation of violence they experience, has impacted their ability to have a balanced presence as leaders within the private industry. Likewise, the lack of educational opportunities and gender roles reduce preparation and their professional trajectories, as shown in the figures released by the Women Matter Mexico 2022: Uneven Parity study , prepared by the consulting In this way, de Mercado Libre is seeking to create spaces and guide girls and young people to have more educational options and not decline he function of procreating.

In addition to sexualizing them with the stereotype of the "prostitute." This is another example of misogynistic advertising in which motherhood is imposed. Women are subtly forced to play a role that many have already decided to Telegram Users Number List abandon, this trend is known as (short for Not Mother ). According to a report , in Western countries, between 25% and 30% of women say they will not become mothers. 5. Save the boobs (2009) Rethink Breast Cancer's Save the boobs campaign was launched in 2009 to raise awareness among heterosexual men about breast cancer, as it is the second leading cause of death in women in the UK. However, the message was completely lost.


The commercial opens with a shot of a pool party, with a crowd of women and men having fun in the water. Then a woman enters with a white bikini, everything is seen in slow motion and there are close-ups of the woman's chest. At the same time, the men at the party become excited, while the other women look on with envy and di when studying a discipline linked to technology, removing gender bias and giving them an alternative to improve their future. firm McKinsey & Company, in the which exposes the lack of women within the highest levels of companies. According to the research, although there has been progress from 2018 to date, only 10% of CEOs are women, highlighting that there is very little female mobility within corporations, which translates into high employment disparity.

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