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Brazilian electricity sector: how to be an expert in regulating the area?

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Brazilian electricity sector: how to be an expert in regulating the area?

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When thinking about niche markets for law, there is no denying that the Brazilian electricity sector has gained immense prominence. Not only because it works in a multidisciplinary way with other fields of knowledge, but also, the Brazilian electricity sector is seen in a very sophisticated way by young lawyers.

Therefore, if you are looking to special data stand out professionally in law, you will have to know the niche of the electrical sector; a market that, in addition to being very attractive financially, presents countless career possibilities.

What does a lawyer specializing in the Brazilian electricity sector do?
As said, there are many possibilities! Both in the public and private sectors. This is because, as there are few excellent professionals in the market, the chances of success in the area are high.


Furthermore, when the legal professional specializes in the Brazilian electricity sector, he does not necessarily need to “advocate” in the area. There are other possibilities that we will present to you in this article:

The Brazilian Energy Sector and Arbitration
It is known that the 2015 Civil Procedure Code lists arbitration as a method of conflict resolution.

As it is a procedure governed, for the most part, by the will of the parties, arbitration is a widely used instrument for resolving major conflicts, especially when such conflicts involve millions of dollars.

To cite an example, at the beginning of 2022, in an unprecedented decision, Aneel authorized the use of arbitration in the dispute that involved the rebalancing of the economic relationship of the parties in the concession contract.

Aneel's decision is of great importance, since arbitration is a means of resolving disputes that can contribute to the dejudicialization of the sector.

In fact, when a conflict is discussed in the Judiciary, the issue to be decided can take years to be resolved, which rarely happens when such conflicts are submitted to arbitration.

For those interested in the area, there is a survey called “Arbitrage in Numbers”, which is carried out annually by professor and lawyer Selma Lemes.

In the data collected by the professor, arbitration discussions total R$64.52 billion and R$55.20 billion, respectively, in 2020 and 2021. Arbitrations involving the energy sector and public-sector partnerships are frequently found. (PPPs), that is, involving public administration.

Therefore, if you want to work as a lawyer in the Electricity Sector, you must know both the Arbitration Law and the specific rules applicable to the sector.

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