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Corporate law and legal practice: what do you need to know?

Так как форум новый, мы начнём с одного общего раздела, из которого позже вырастут другие в зависимости от тем, которые будут здесь обсуждаться.
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Corporate law and legal practice: what do you need to know?

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Here on the IDP Blog, we always highlight the importance of specialized knowledge for the successful performance of lawyers, whether in the administrative or judicial sphere.

On another occasion, we popular database talked about what business contracts are , also known as corporate contracts or contracts between businessmen and businesswomen.

We present seven principles that govern this type of contracts, pointing out the main characteristics and some practical examples.

Continuing our studies, once again with a view to better preparing you for the day-to-day challenges of law, we will deal with a legal branch that is constantly growing and deserves attention: corporate law.


After all, what is the purpose of this specific area? What types of legal relationship are involved? What are the guiding principles?

And more: what are the possibilities for a lawyer to work in corporate law? What are the most pressing topics that require serious and prepared legal practice?

Let's go!

Corporate law: an increasingly growing field

Corporate law is dedicated to the rules and legal relationships that involve business companies, that is, companies formed with the purpose of exploring an economic activity in an organized and profit-making manner.

Corporate law regulates issues related to the constitution, organization, operation, reorganization and dissolution of business companies.

It establishes, for example:

the rules for creating companies;
structuring business management and administration;
the issuance of shares and other securities;
the relationship between partners;
the responsibility of administrators; It is
protecting the rights of shareholders and investors.
Some topics covered by corporate law are:

merger, acquisition and incorporation of companies;
public offering of shares;
corporate governance; It is
right to vote at shareholder meetings.
As for the principles of corporate law, it is established by several legal and regulatory standards, such as the Brazilian Corporation Law , the Civil Code of 2002 , and the Consumer Protection Code .

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