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Understand labor relations from a Constitutional perspective

Так как форум новый, мы начнём с одного общего раздела, из которого позже вырастут другие в зависимости от тем, которые будут здесь обсуждаться.
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Understand labor relations from a Constitutional perspective

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Here on the IDP Blog, we have already talked about the paradigm shift that the Brazilian legal system underwent with the promulgation of the 1988 Federal Constitution.

At first, we identify the spam data Constitution as the apex of the order : it is not possible to further understand the branches of Private Law or even Public Law in a disconnected way from the Charter of the Republic.

Then we present constitutional hermeneutics as a guideline for evaluating conflicts or collisions between rights and goods constitutionally protected by the interpreter of the legal norm.

We also brought the case study in which the Federal Supreme Court equated same-sex stable unions with hetero-affective unions in Brazilian law. Through the ruling, the STF expanded the interpretation of article 226, § 3, of the Federal Constitution , with a view to protecting fundamental rights and respecting the dignity of the human person.


On these three occasions, we worked on a fundamental point: the constitutional perspective is the ruler of our legal system.

In labor relations it is no different.

Here we will develop some considerations about Labor Law, labor relations and constitutional hermeneutics, also known as the Constitutional Right to Work.

What are the principles we should know? What are its dimensions?

Let's go!

Labor relations in constitutional prominence: learn about the Constitutional Right to Work

The Constitutional Right to Work in the Brazilian legal system refers to the principle and rights related to work provided for in the 1988 Federal Constitution.

It is part of the broader context of social and economic rights, and is one of the bases for guaranteeing the dignity, equality and well-being of citizens.

There, the legal basis is established for workers to have access to decent employment, fair working conditions and the necessary protection to guarantee their financial security and well-being.

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