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Human capital management: find out what it is and what the advantages are

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Human capital management: find out what it is and what the advantages are

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At first, it is important to understand that human capital does not only concern the number of professionals. In this sense, management goes far beyond bureaucratic control over these people's information and contracts. She is concerned with issues such as mission, motivation , training, relationships and leadership , allowing each individual to reach increasingly higher levels of performance, making the organization advance as a whole. From this definition, the role of HR in human capital management becomes clear. Implementing strategic HR , which builds bridges between leadership and employees, is a basic attitude to be successful in the area. How to manage human capital efficiently.

The answer to these questions will help you draw a map of the company's existing capital, identifying its strengths and the gaps that must be filled. Selection and training: these are the basic ways to strengthen human capital in any organization, but it is worth highlighting that they have specific dynamics and processes. Every business needs to make strategic decisions about what training models will be employed, and when it is time to expand its strengths through hiring. Retention: as important as strengthening the team is ensuring that internal talents are retained. To do this, it is necessary to understand each person's motivations for working in the company, and consider the best way or management strategy, so that it can meet individual interests.


Engagement: all built potential must be directed towards excellence in results, and this is only possible when professionals are committed to giving their best on a daily basis. Engagement is also linked to employee motivations, as each person will have their own reasons for developing and applying new knowledge in practice . Strategic alignment: human capital management does not exist to simply create a golden team. It needs to be aligned with the organization's needs, and direct professionals according to this demand. It is continuous work, as the business will be constantly adapting to new market realities. To balance all these fronts, there are some tools and actions that professionals and teams responsible for human capital management can adopt in their daily lives.

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