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How to manage human capital efficiently

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How to manage human capital efficiently

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Encourage internal mobility Often the answer to a challenge lies within the organization, and a few position changes can shift the gears. Mobility should not be used without reason, after all, it is necessary to give employees time to adapt to their roles, but it is a useful tactic in specific moments. Amplify capital Just as it is important to know how to work with what we have at our disposal, it is also important to expand the team by bringing in new strengths. Some companies are afraid to hire professionals for higher positions, and opt for promotion, but it is interesting to evaluate the pros and cons. By removing someone from their current role and placing them in a higher position.

Build partnerships Organizing an ecosystem with partners who share human capital can be an economical way to strengthen the team, in addition to deepening relationships with other organizations. You can bring someone with certain expertise to work on a temporary project, for example, instead of investing in the selection and adaptation of a permanent professional. It is also possible to follow the opposite path, directing employees to gain experience and create new skills when working in partner businesses. Another viable option lies in models such as outsourcing and hiring freelancers, which expand the company's access to human capital while maintaining a lean internal organization.


Invest in technology Large organizations have several programs to facilitate human capital management, but even smaller businesses can benefit from this practice. Technology can be used at different times, whether evaluating profiles for selection or building a team with the ideal capabilities for a certain project, for example. 3 advantages of human capital management Now that you have been exposed to the definition and main characteristics of human capital management, learn about the main benefits of this practice. Promotes a stable culture and a pleasant environment In addition to benefiting the company, human capital management is also advantageous for those on the other side, creating a positive organizational climate by thinking about the unique issues of each team member.

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